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Rolando Random Lübeck Treibsand

Lübeck Treibsand: An evening like a marzipan cake

An evening like a marzipan cake? Yep… Delicious and nutritious and all in all a round thing! And the next day you know why you feel the way you do. A mixture of satisfied regret and good mood spreads, with the good mood prevailing, of course. And somehow you know that you would like to have the same thing again as soon as possible!

Thank you Lübeck!!
Thank you Team Treibsand!
And of course thank you LISC – Lübeck International Scooter Customshow !!!
What a nice evening! Merçi!! Cheers!!! 🎶🏁🎺

Rolando Random Hey its good to see you again

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy don’t you know it’s good to see you again!!!!

Just a quick “Heyyy!!” from yesterday’s rehearsal! We’re obviously still processing the great weekend we had at This Is Ska Festivall! Oh And since you actually seem to read this: Our new album ‘ON FIRE!’ is out now on Smith & Miller Records available at Edition NoName and all across the Internetz! And we are working on new stuff! So stay tuned and let the good time roll heheh! Cheers!! 🏁👻🎶

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Steel Town Records writes: “14 songs are included on “On fire”, the proven mixture is served sovereign: Jamaica in heart and soul, Berlin in blood and lyrics. The latter is also portioned according to a tried and tested pattern: A lot of English, some German, male-female alternating. Basic mood: Smooth, very smooth, comfortable as fuck. But beware: slim beat, uncompromising message. There are rusty nails in the Tiramisu: The refreshing 2-Tone effervescence, the warming soul sun and the smart rocksteady tunes come across as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. “Angry Man in a Sheepskin Coat, so to speak. …”

Here you can read the complete, very benevolent, friendly and positive, downright affectionately written review of our new album On Fire!: “ROLANDO RANDOM “ON FIRE”: NEW FROM THE BERLIN SOUL REBELS!” (Steel Town Records) Merçi!!!

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Neues Album: On Fire

Finally our new album On Fire is ready! Yay!!!

You can already order the 12″ vinyl at Edition NoName:
LP+CD “On Fire” by “Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels”.

And here is a collection of links to the different streaming platforms.

UPDATE: you can now also order our new album On Fire as mp3 via our Bandcamp page:

And soon you can also order our new album On Fire as 12″ vinyl via our Bandcamp page: